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Mike England of Procabulary and Enlifted

How we met at PaleoFX/quick intro to concept of Enlifted

  • Session with Mike Bledsoe
  • Changing language around our intentions and goals
  • Enlifted athlete concept plus service to coaches.
  • Pete signing up for class. This is the first of two interviews (1st at onset of Enlifted course, 2nd at completion)

Mark England TED talk

Path from ‘broken’ Muay Tai fight —-> teacher —> Enlifted?

Importance of the nuance of language?

Why do people often fail at self reflection?

What are some good “first steps” to changing language in regards to oneself?

What happens “in the moment of failure”?

The importance of breathing

What is “chunking-down” /goal setting and why should people be using it (or balancing it) in their long term goals?

Pillars of conflict language:

  • Negations
  • Soft talk
  • Projections
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